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I would approach orgasm as I looked over at him, my hand a blur on my cock, and then, as I felt it coming too close, welling up inside me, I'd stop altogether and remove my hand to let my breath catch up. At first Peter seemed intrigued by this - would look over at me beeg. com as if wondering what the problem was - but after a few times he realised what I was doing and, within a day or so, started following my example. And within another couple of days, www.beeg.com both beeeg of us were controlling our orgasms, postponing them three of four times on some occasions, to glean the maximum pleasure from our right hands. ****** mom beeg I beeg black remember the first time I fingered my arse while he watched me wanking. It must have been in the last week of us sharing the room: I'd had to delay beeg 4k doing it, even though I'd really wanted to show Peter this last trick for about two weeks, until I could be sure beeg.coom that he wouldn't get freaked out by it. I'd had to wait until we were beeeg totally comfortable together; until we fully trusted each other as spectators of our beeg ass most personal, most intimate moments. I kept thinking, "What if he gets funny about it? What if he has a go at me?" Perhaps he'd think it was "going too far", or would regard it as something feminine and therefore www.beeg unacceptable. He liked to play with his balls and chest hair, but maybe he considered those beeg sexxx masculine, almost beeg hd rugged, pursuits; natural and wholesome areas for a beeg.coom guy to mess around with while he was pleasuring himself. He'd never shown any sign of exploring his own arsehole, not even the slightest interest in it, so perhaps he regarded beeg 18 that area as being out of bounds fo